Debating Science With A Christian: A Personal Perspective

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While working a local event at the Ask an Atheist booth we host, I had a slew of questions and more than a couple looks of utter disgust. But, let’s talk about  the two types of people I ran into.

Atheism isn’t science. Science is science. And consequently science isn’t atheism. Science does reaffirm atheism in a very special way, but unless there is evidence provided that a god exists, one does not affect the other.

First, let’s look at the “atheist have to know all of science or they’re wrong” people. They assume that we are scientists. They must, otherwise scientific “fallacies” wouldn’t be one of the first things they utter in a debate. Science is solid and completely open for anyone to test it’s proven theories to prove otherwise. But that proof doesn’t come from a debate with an atheist. If I don’t know something about macro evolution, that doesn’t mean that there is a god and that macro evolution didn’t happen. It means that I don’t have the time or money to go study macro evolution with Richard Dawkins, though I wish I did. They didn’t prove anything but my ignorance on a specific detail. When you debate a Christian about science, just be prepared for them to try to take the high ground because you don’t know a scientific fact or can’t cite a specific research paper. If you know the subject matter ahead of time, research it and provide the best evidence you can. But remember that just because you don’t know and even if science doesn’t know yet, it does not mean that God did it. Politely tell them that if you haven’t answered their question fully that they should ask a biologist or physicist.

This one is my favorite headache inducer: the science denier. Yes. Science denier. Even when you CAN provide sufficient knowledge on a subject and the community of scientists have proven whatever theory in question time and time again, this person refuses to believe that it’s accurate based on zero to little evidence. But they will believe that there is an invisible man in the sky and that “stars will fall from the sky” in the end times. To them I ask that they write down their evidence, get it peer reviewed and I’ll shake their hand when they get their Nobel Prize. I used to think that there was no hope for these kinds of people until I realized that I was once one of them. The first stage is denial. The second is curiosity and the third is remorseful acceptance of the truth. Believing evolution, for example,  to be fact just takes a person to read about it and see the evidence. That’s the start of it. But it has to take time to set in. Some people never let it get that far in their mind because they have been brainwashed since birth. Don’t lose your cool with these people and let them take the moral high ground because you’re screaming at them for being an idiot. Present the facts in such a way as to make them curious. That’s all it takes and that’s really all you can do. They have to concede the truth on their own.

This isn’t really a how to on debating. It’s just a few snippets of thoughts I had after working that booth, which I look very much forward to doing in the future. I’m not a master level debater, but I know some stuff. I’m not a college level scientists but I love science. What I have learned from the experience is to always keep your cool and present your side with the utmost accuracy and integrity.





New author in the house!

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Hey ladies and gents, Lt. Neutral checking in! I’ll be authoring on the TCA blog now and I wanted to give you a little something to start my go at this. If you’re reading this then I’m presuming you’re an atheist, or at least an agnostic (which is really just an atheist hiding behind a prettier word). Now, that said, sometimes I feel like we don’t ponder enough on what we really are. We are much more than just non-believers. More than just godless heathens sent by Lord Satan to eradicate the righteous systematically. Seriously, I’m kidding. We are the voice of opposition to the oppression that religion can, and often does, impose. This isn’t a good vs evil fight. Religious people aren’t evil inherently, they’ve just been decieved by a lie that can make them that way. Let’s keep that in mind. The religion is terrible but there’s still…

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Great Second Event

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Last nights “Ask an Atheist” booth was rained out along with many other things from Border bash, but with the help of 2 volunteers, we managed to pull in a few more interested non-believers into the organization. We did start off with a woman who tried to state a fact with Jesus and it ended there pretty much as I told her that it was a nice story but was not fact. We didn’t have any other problems other than the bad weather.

An interesting thing did happen to us…TWICE!!! A ministry had a booth there and they were trying to raise funds for a new church van and the first time they came, we just ignored them and threw away the paper they left on our table. The second time, I had to ask them if they new what an atheist was. They said yes and I politely told them that we would not be supporting their cause and it wasn’t against them. They walked off bewildered. I am sure they would have stopped by a couple more times if it wasn’t for the rain that killed the event. LOL Maybe I should ask for donations for our organization from them at the next Border Bash if they are there. HMMM

There than that, it was a great second event for us!

First Official “Ask an Atheist” Booth Success

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2014-05-02 19.44.35

Out of all that attended Border Bash in Bristol, TN/VA, we had only 2 hateful Christians! Everyone else was so pleasant and peaceful and willing to at least listen and converse civilly. There were even Atheists that came by and thanked us for finally getting a group together that they can be a part of.

I would like to personally thank Cody, Mat and Ethan for showing their support and being gentleman at the table and with others. We showed the community that we are here and our voice will be heard.

We received the usual questions like, “Who will you call out to on your death bed?”, “Where do you think you will go when you die?” and “Don’t you know you are going to HELL?!?”. There was more discussion then questions asked, but that is fine and whatever it takes to make a person think!

Next Border Bash, we hope to have an even bigger show of support! We will have our banners by then, also which you will get a preview of hopefully at the first meeting this coming Thursday, May 8th! I am also creating some “Ask an Atheist” t-shirts to be worn by the volunteers!

If you can come out to these events and show your support, we would greatly appreciate it!

P.S. We only made $7 in donations tonight, but that is more than we expected and it will be put directly into the Tri Cities Atheist Society PayPal account. (Will take 3-5 business days to transfer from my savings)

A Presidential Candidate we need to nip in the bud

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Reading the article below, you will see why wee need to nip it in the bud before it gets any further. To take away our Constitutional rights and then make laws that are human rights violations themselves, is just plain idiocy. We do not need another theocracy for us to run away from like we did when we first founded our stolen country. Do what you can to spread the word that you do not want a theocracy and that this candidate is a complete moron. If he get’s his way, we are all done for and our rights mean nothing!

May 1st, 2014 10:34 pm by Jeff Bobo

ROGERSVILLE — Among Darrell Trigg’s goals if elected president of the United States in 2016 is to change the U.S. Constitution, eliminating “separation of church and state” and replacing that with “union of church and state.”

Trigg, who on Wednesday officially announced his candidacy for president, laid out his platform for a crowd of about 100 people at Thursday’s National Day of Prayer event in Rogersville.

He has several changes planned for this country if elected, not the least of which is making Christianity the official religion of the United States.

Under Trigg’s presidency the Bible will be a mandatory subject for K-12 students in public schools.

Marriage will be re-established as “Holy Matrimony” between a man and woman, gay marriage will be banned, and homosexuality “will not be recognized legally, or any other way.”

Adultery will be punishable by jail time and large fines.

Nudity will be banned from the Internet and television, as well as excessive violence, foul language, blasphemy, or any form of homosexuality.

Marijuana will not be legal except for medicinal purposes.

Trigg identifies himself politically as a member of the Christian Party.

“Islam and the Muslims will be more than welcome to worship here as they please,” Trigg said. “They’ll be loved as brothers and sisters in God’s kingdom. But, we have to have a religion to establish the backbone principles of this nation. We want that to be the Christian religion.”

Trigg also wants to bring back manufacturing jobs.

“We plan on putting tariffs on imported goods,” Trigg said. “Imagine if you go into Morristown tomorrow and every one of those furniture factories are up and running — what that would do to the economy of Morristown. What that would do to our nation.”

A Virginia native, Trigg has lived in Rogersville since 1987 with his wife, Lori. He was general manager and chief engineer of Short Mountain Silica in Mooresburg for 25 years and currently owns a professional engineering consulting firm.

“Proverbs 9-10 tells us the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom,” Trigg said. “I’m a little ashamed to say, but a lot of our nation’s leaders have forgot what the fear of God is all about.”

Other changes Trigg has planned if elected president are:


  • The income and other compensation received by managers and officers of publicly traded corporations will be limited to $300,000 per year.
  • The income of coaches of sports teams at universities will be limited to $300,000 per year .
  • The legal age for marriage will be 22, and a couple wishing to get married must first attend Christian marriage counseling classes. Divorce will only be allowed in cases of abuse, infidelity, or incarceration.
  • The penalties for abuse and infidelity will include large fines and jail time. Married couples who become pregnant must attend Christian parenting classes.
  • Abortion will only be legal in situations where the child has a small probability of living and the pregnancy is placing the life of the mother in extreme risk.

To learn more about Trigg, visit his website at Read more: Rogersville presidential candidate aims to unite church and state | Kingsport Times-News Follow us: @timesnewsonline on Twitter | timesnews on Facebook

When the USA became fanatically religious

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It seems like it all started in the 1950’s that our country lost its mind.

1952 – the National Day of Prayer was signed by Congress

1954 – “Under God” was added to the pledge

1956 – “In God We Trust” was added to our paper currency and larger coins.

And do you know what war was going on at the time? World War II. A war in which a Christian dictator killed millions of Jews.

Now why the fuck would we want the same God that allowed the Holocaust to happen take over our country? Because they are ignorant. They claim to be empathetic with their apathy.

Our country will become a theocracy if we don’t stand up and shout, “We won’t take this anymore!”

You can’t prove your point, if you don’t come out!

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If you think, just because you are living a good moral life and you are showing it through your actions to other religious people, you are showing them how wrong they are, but you won’t state your non-belief, you need to think again. You are doing nothing and nothing will change.

How can you be so careless to think you make a difference in this world by hiding yourself from friends, family and others? Do you not realize that your hypocrisy is just as bad as the religious? Can you not see that you are allowing them to get away with what they do because you don’t think it matters whether they know you are atheist or not? Does your indifference, because it does not directly affect your life, make you happy or apathetic?

You need to come out of the shadows and let yourself be known as an atheist or non-believer. If you don’t tell them, you can’t show them how you are the same as, if not better than, them without God!

Sharing memes and the occasional quote or post on Facebook is not a great way of making a difference. You need to get out there and let it be known that you are a good moral person without God and you are doing these things because they are right and not because an imaginary person will accept you into heaven for your good deeds.

We are better than that and we need to show it openly.

I know there are a majority that are scared that they will be looked down upon or excommunicated by friends, family and co-workers if they come out, but why not get it out and deal with it now? It does not matter if it is today, tomorrow, next month, next year or 10 years from now, they will probably still be fixated on their fallacious beliefs their entire lives. The only way to make a dent or change their thinking is to come out! It won’t happen overnight and it will be hard, but eventually they will see the good in you and either accept it or not. Should you keep lying to them and yourself just to make others happy while you feel miserable? NO! Deal with it now before it is too late.

Stop being an indifferent miserable person and make a difference by standing up for what you believe in with your non-belief. You will be happier for it, even though it will be hard in the beginning.