You can’t prove your point, if you don’t come out!

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If you think, just because you are living a good moral life and you are showing it through your actions to other religious people, you are showing them how wrong they are, but you won’t state your non-belief, you need to think again. You are doing nothing and nothing will change.

How can you be so careless to think you make a difference in this world by hiding yourself from friends, family and others? Do you not realize that your hypocrisy is just as bad as the religious? Can you not see that you are allowing them to get away with what they do because you don’t think it matters whether they know you are atheist or not? Does your indifference, because it does not directly affect your life, make you happy or apathetic?

You need to come out of the shadows and let yourself be known as an atheist or non-believer. If you don’t tell them, you can’t show them how you are the same as, if not better than, them without God!

Sharing memes and the occasional quote or post on Facebook is not a great way of making a difference. You need to get out there and let it be known that you are a good moral person without God and you are doing these things because they are right and not because an imaginary person will accept you into heaven for your good deeds.

We are better than that and we need to show it openly.

I know there are a majority that are scared that they will be looked down upon or excommunicated by friends, family and co-workers if they come out, but why not get it out and deal with it now? It does not matter if it is today, tomorrow, next month, next year or 10 years from now, they will probably still be fixated on their fallacious beliefs their entire lives. The only way to make a dent or change their thinking is to come out! It won’t happen overnight and it will be hard, but eventually they will see the good in you and either accept it or not. Should you keep lying to them and yourself just to make others happy while you feel miserable? NO! Deal with it now before it is too late.

Stop being an indifferent miserable person and make a difference by standing up for what you believe in with your non-belief. You will be happier for it, even though it will be hard in the beginning.