Great Second Event

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Last nights “Ask an Atheist” booth was rained out along with many other things from Border bash, but with the help of 2 volunteers, we managed to pull in a few more interested non-believers into the organization. We did start off with a woman who tried to state a fact with Jesus and it ended there pretty much as I told her that it was a nice story but was not fact. We didn’t have any other problems other than the bad weather.

An interesting thing did happen to us…TWICE!!! A ministry had a booth there and they were trying to raise funds for a new church van and the first time they came, we just ignored them and threw away the paper they left on our table. The second time, I had to ask them if they new what an atheist was. They said yes and I politely told them that we would not be supporting their cause and it wasn’t against them. They walked off bewildered. I am sure they would have stopped by a couple more times if it wasn’t for the rain that killed the event. LOL Maybe I should ask for donations for our organization from them at the next Border Bash if they are there. HMMM

There than that, it was a great second event for us!