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Hey ladies and gents, Lt. Neutral checking in! I’ll be authoring on the TCA blog now and I wanted to give you a little something to start my go at this. If you’re reading this then I’m presuming you’re an atheist, or at least an agnostic (which is really just an atheist hiding behind a prettier word). Now, that said, sometimes I feel like we don’t ponder enough on what we really are. We are much more than just non-believers. More than just godless heathens sent by Lord Satan to eradicate the righteous systematically. Seriously, I’m kidding. We are the voice of opposition to the oppression that religion can, and often does, impose. This isn’t a good vs evil fight. Religious people aren’t evil inherently, they’ve just been decieved by a lie that can make them that way. Let’s keep that in mind. The religion is terrible but there’s still…

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